Einhorn, William and Amanda

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University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

I’m originally from New Jersey, and moved to Virginia where I went to Longwood University. Before college I didn’t know God. But during my freshman year, two friends invited me to Chi Alpha and since then my life has been dramatically transformed. I saw the way students my age worshipped and lived for God and it changed me forever. After graduating with My degree in history education I came down to Auburn, Alabama to do the Chi Alpha internship. I also met my lovely bride, Amanda there too! Although I don’t teach in a classroom, I get to be on campus, in coffee houses, and anywhere and teach college students about God. I am part of the team of Chi Alpha missionaries at the University of Alabama. My biggest passion is learning more about the Word of God and showing others how to live as Christ lived.

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Einhorn, William and Amanda