Hendon, Ricky and Carol

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We have been serving as Missionaries since 2004. Our first two terms we served in the
Amazon Basin of Ecuador, as part of a team of Missionaries God put together. We saw
great success, with many lives transformed, disciples made, churches built where there
were no churches, and water solutions in communities where their drinking water was
contaminated for years.
God has called us to be a part of the last day harvest to reach the unreached; by using
all of the resources available. In 2014 we felt a change coming in our ministry. While in
a UPG meeting with over 40 missionaries we heard there was still 83 unreached people
groups in the jungle of Peru, with over five million people in the Amazon Basin still
waiting to hear the GOOD NEWS. With only one AG missionary working to make a
difference. Carol and I began to pray, God please send someone to help reach the
unreached in Peru. The more we prayed the more we heard God say, “If you don’t go
who will.” Later that year God opened the door and we were asked to go start a team in
Peru to reach the UPG’s.
We have found ourselves at the End of the Road. Yurimaguas, Peru is as far as you can
drive in a car. From here we will use the river system to access the people that God has
laid on our heart. Please pray that we will have favor among the tribal leaders.
We want to say THANK You to the Alabama District for allowing us to be your

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Hendon, Ricky and Carol