Lugo, Nelson and Amy

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We have been serving as AGWM missionaries to the country of Panama since 2008. Our first term of service we served in the area of evangelism and construction working directly with local churches as well as indigenous Indian groups. Before our return to the field we were asked to be pastors of the International Church in Panama. Our vision is to connect this city to a loving God as we reach out to the international and bilingual communities. There are over 15 different countries represented that express a desire to love God and love others.

We continue to resource local Pastors with a Biblical library who live in areas of few resources. These libraries includes an Old and New Testament Commentary, Study Bible, Biblical Concordance, and other self help books that would assist them in sermon preparation, spiritual growth and Biblical education. We are so grateful to the Lord for continued prayer and incredible partnerships that allow us to fulfill the call of God upon our lives. You’re making a difference one person at a time

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Lugo, Nelson and Amy