Freeman, Lauren

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Canary Islands

God called Lauren to ministry at the age of 17. She attended a Speed the Light rally and went home to ask her mom how she would feel about moving to another country.

From that moment, she knew God had called her to nations. Even with no background of missions, she always knew it would involve some form of church planting. While in Bible school, she told her professors that she didn’t know what it would look like, but she knew God had given her a passion for worship, nations, and young adults. His response has stuck with her all these years, “Well, knowing God, He will probably figure out a way to make all three of those work together.”

It’s taken her 11 years to get here but she going to serve at an international church in the Canary Islands with the opportunity to literally reach nations from one location. She will be joining the leadership of the church, working with the worship team AND the young adult ministry. The long-term goal is to raise up leaders to be able to plant more churches on the islands. This assignment is literally the unfolding of so many things the Lord has spoken.

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Freeman, Lauren