Henderson, Larry and Melinda

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Larry and Melinda grew up in Alabama. Camp Ambassador and district AIM trips were the tools God used to call them both to a lifetime surrender as Foreign Missionaries. They are starting their 20th year with Assemblies of God World Missions.

The open doors and leadership opportunities have swung open wide as they’ve faithfully served to build Gods Church in Europe. They have four main ministry portfolios that they carry:

  • Lead Pastors of Vienna Christian Center (VCC) - VCC is a powerful multi-cultural Ministry Center serving the international population in Vienna, with 5 Campuses, 13 services and recognized as the largest Church in the Nation of Austria. They are also right at the end of planting a new Church during the COVID quarantine which has been a miracle. The location is amazing as they have been able to secure an entire floor in a local mall.
  • Leaders of FEIC network - Fellowship of Europe International Churches is a relational network of Pastors and Leaders of nearly 100 International Churches located in strategic cities all over the continent of Europe. Together they are making a major spiritual impact across Europe and targeting key cities for the next church plants.
  • The INSPIRE Project - Melinda launched the INSPIRE project and continues to develop women’s conferences and bring vision to the growth of women’s ministries across Europe. The INSPIRE mission is that every girl in Europe can be reached with the message of Jesus! When you INSPIRE one girl to believe in Jesus you have now directly impacted every generation to come in her family.
  • Area Directors Northern Europe - In the eleven Nations in Northern Europe, Larry and Melinda give oversight to the health and growth of the missionary families, they serve as the liaisons for the National Church Partnerships and bring vision to the needs of Northern Europe.

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Henderson, Larry and Melinda