Duren, Jesslyn

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Hello! My name is Jesslyn Duren and I am returning to Honduras as a Career Missionary Associate. I have had the chance of working with Becky Hoshaw and Child Hope schools there for two and a half years. I plan to return and continue to work with Child Hope schools for a lifetime. I teach English to 1st through 4th Grade and also work with preschoolers two days a week. The vision upon returning is to collaborate with the teachers to create pull-out small groups to encourage one-on-one attention toward students that need supplemental aid in specific academic areas of need. The community of people with special needs in Honduras is unreached and deserves a chance to excel in their individual areas of ability. They also deserve to discover and experience the love and plans God has for each of their lives and I desire to work with that community upon returning. I am honored to be one of your missionaries from the state of Alabama and thank you for your support.

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Duren, Jesslyn