Garrett, Jeff and Wendy

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Jeff and Wendy Garrett are AGWM Priority One missionaries to Tanzania and beyond. Wendy came to Christ through her church’s bus ministry, was called to be a missionary at the age of 5 and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at an Alabama Ministry Network youth camp. Jeff came to Christ during his church’s Vacation Bible School, was called into full-time ministry in second grade, was baptized in the Holy Spirit in sixth grade, and knew that the Lord was leading him to be a missionary as he entered his eighth-grade year. Jeff and Wendy were married in 1997. They were approved as fully appointed AGWM missionaries to Tanzania in 2001. They have six children: Michaela is 21 with a call to India, Schuyler is 19 with a call to China, Zachary is 14 with a call to plant churches in the USA, Christiana is 11 with a call to Somalia, Enoch is 7 walking with the Lord, and Chara Faith is 4 loving Jesus. In 2020, they were approved as AGWM Priority One missionaries helping to empower church planting movements in Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Togo, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Belgium, Honduras, and Vietnam.

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Garrett, Jeff and Wendy