Gutierrez, James and Amber

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Auburn University, Auburn, AL

James Gutierrez was raised in San Antonio Texas. Growing up with his six siblings, he had questions about life and the meaning behind suffering when he felt stuck in the heartache of his divorced family. He found the meaning he was looking for when he met Jesus at the age of sixteen. Now a Christian, he completed his degree in biology at the University of San Antonio and turned down an opportunity to enter Medical school to work for the college fellowship Chi Alpha. He has spent the last five years working to reconcile students to Christ on what he believes to be the most strategic mission field in the world, the university campus. He met his darling bride in the year 2019 and married her the next year. Together, and motivated to make disciples, both James and his wife Amber work under Craig and April Woodham at Auburn University.

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Gutierrez, James and Amber