Griggs, Cody and Taylor

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After serving just over 5 years as youth pastors at Vincent Revival Center, we heard the strong call of God in March 2018 leading us to the mission field. Our family is now venturing to Ecuador where we will serve a two year term under Joil and Leah Marbut as missionary associates. The Marbut’s have planted over 60 churches, are currently educating 100 Bible School students, and are housing and ministering to 45+ girls at the Ecuador Hope House. Their goal is to plant 100 new churches in unreached communities in the next 10 years and to continue to impact the lives of marginalized girls. The Griggs family is looking forward to contributing to the vision the Marbut’s have set in Ecuador - reaching those who have never heard the Gospel, training local pastors and ministering to the girls in the Hope House.

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Griggs, Cody and Taylor