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Vision statement: Metro Ministries of Mobile, Inc. exists to help at risk children and youth who are trapped in poverty and oppression come to know Christ personally, continue their education and dream of their future.

We accomplish this through a weekly mentoring concept where our mentors come alongside 1-2 students ages 8 to 12 years old helping them learn to study the Bible, memorize scripture, open their heart to Jesus and learn to live for Him. Classes run concurrently with their school schedule. Students bring a completed worksheet on the bus as they come to Metro, have a meal together, pray, worship and answer the questions pertaining to a Bible story. Time is given for the mentor to use a 3-question model answering the questions in a journal. They discover whether the student has comprehended the lesson, has questions, share life with each other and pray. Recreational play follows in the gym.

First Flights is another arm of our ministry where Pastor Bill and another pilot take interested students from the discipleship classes up in an airplane to help them dream beyond where they presently are. They are able to see the Mobile Bay, our city, where they live and where Metro Ministries ministry facility is.

We visit students at school, home, in the project and other neighborhoods. During the summer we have mission teams who come and help with water day, daycamp and other fun activities for kids.

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Gray, Bill and Cheryl