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Ben is a nationally appointed missionary with the U.S. Missions Youth Alive department. He and his wife, Terra, were married in 2005 and have one son, Knox. As Youth Alive missionaries, they are working to take the message of hope to the schools through prayer, student empowerment, student networking and outreach.

Ben helps facilitate many students starting and being activly involved in a Christian Club on their school campus. Alabama currently has over 2,000 students who have committed to being Campus Missionaries. Campus Missionaries commit to pray, live, tell, serve and give so their friends can follow Jesus.

Ben also travels across the state speaking to schools in campus clubs and school assemblies. He and The Seven Project team help impact several communities each semester by being a catalyst to mobilize and equip Christian communities to reach out to schools. The Seven Project is not merely a school assembly or an evening rally. It is a comprehensive outreach strategy that equips and trains leaders and students in effective evangelism and discipleship. Ben has a desire for every school and every student to hear the message of Christ.

Previously, Ben and Terra worked as youth pastors. During this time, they were heavily involved with campus ministry. Not only did Ben serve as the chaplain of a local high school football team, but he also coached Junior High and Varsity boys’ basketball. He also had the opportunity to teach numerous semesters of Bible class to high school students. They have always believed whole-heartedly that any open door on the campus is an open door for ministry!

Ben received a Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries with a Minor in Psychology from Southeastern University in 2003. He became an Ordained minister with the Alabama District Council in 2008.

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Russell, Ben and Terra