Alabama School of Ministry (ALSOM)

July 1 – December 18

About this Event

The Alabama School of Ministry (ALSOM) was created by the Alabama District Presbytery to serve as Alabama’s official District School of Ministry (DSOM). ALSOM uses textbooks produced by Berean School of the Bible, the national institute level distance education school for candidates seeking ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. Instructors are chosen from among credentialed Assemblies of God ministers and qualified instructors with experience in each particular class being taught. Courses satisfactorily completed in ALSOM fulfill the coursework requirements for ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. (In addition to completing the coursework, other requirements must also be met when applying for ministerial credentials. Laypersons desiring to learn more about the Bible and theology may take as many ALSOM courses as they wish without applying for ministerial credentials.)

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions we have placed ALSOM Online. ALSOM Online enables us to offer many improvements and savings to ALSOM students, including convenient access to the course materials throughout the month

Ø One-stop online registration & payment of course fee (includes a PDF of the Berean xtbook). Then you have …

o Immediate access to the Berean textbook as a PDF that can be read digitally or printed out,

o Immediate access to excellent supplementary information, such as instructors notes, relevant articles, videos, and podcasts on important course topics,

o Immediate access to archived lectures for each course, viewed at the student’s convenience,

o When lessons are completed, immediate access to the study guide for the final exam,

o Then, an Online final exam that informs the student of the course grade immediately,

Ø All of this is accessed on the page for the course for which you registered.

Ø AT A DECREASE in fees from $ 70.00 ($40 textbook + $30 tuition) per course,

to $ 50.00 for the whole course, including a free PDF of the textbook.

THE 10TH OF THE MONTH before new semesters begin, Registration opens for all courses that semester.

You may link to ALSOM’s Registration page at to register for a course & pay the course fee of $50.00 (this covers all course costs).

Beginning in January 2021 there will be more new enhancements, including a live interactive session with instructors, email, Q&A, and other capabilities that make every ALSOM class a more accessible, effective, inexpensive, and enjoyable learning experience.

For additional information contact the ALSOM Office at 334-279-7172 #2 /

ALSOM is an institute level school, not an accredited college level institution. ALSOM credits will not transfer into accredited college programs outside of the Assemblies of God. ALSOM is designed for members in good standing of local Assemblies of God churches. Exceptions must meet certain criteria.

If you need additional information not answered by the ALSOM Handbook, please contact the ALSOM Office of the Director at 334-279-7172 ext 2,
or ALSOM Dean Pastor Chad Payne at 205-938-2938.

We look forward to working with you as you prepare for service in God’s Kingdom.

Blessings to you,

Rev. Michael D. Sharp, D.Min.
ALSOM Director

District Secretary-Treasurer


$ 50.00 per class. Includes everything - Berean textbook, additional articles, podcasts, videos, videoed lectures, live sessions with instructors, etc.

For more information please contact the office of ALSOM Director and
District Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Michael D. Sharp at 334-279-7172 ext 2, or

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