Alabama Network Scholarships -2021

December 15 – February 12

About this Event

The Alabama Ministry Network Scholarship Program (AMNSP) is designed to assist students from Alabama Assemblies of God churches who are furthering their education through endorsed Assemblies of God institutes, colleges, universities, and graduate schools. These scholarships are funded from a percentage of the ministerial tithes that Alabama Assemblies of God ministers pay to the Ministry Network Office, from donations to the Scholarship Fund from our churches, individuals, and businesses.

Recipients are awarded scholarships to the endorsed Assemblies of God educational institution of their choice as follows: Superintendent’s Scholarship $5,000.00; Pastor’s Dependent Scholarship $4,000.00; Church Ministry Scholarship $3,000.00; Distance Learning (Degree program only) $1,000.00. Scholarships from each category may be awarded to more than one applicant (i.e., a Superintendent’s Scholarship may be awarded to three different applicants).

Applicants may qualify for more than one of these categories but can only receive one scholarship per year (i.e., an applicant will not be awarded a scholarship from more than one category in a given year). Each recipient receives only one scholarship per year, but a recipient may apply for a continuation of their scholarship each year or apply for a different category of scholarship each year. Eligibility ends when a recipient has received scholarship money for eight semesters. Preference may be given to students preparing for the ministry.

The application and related forms, as well as the AMNSP Manual, can be downloaded from the links below. Additional details can be found in the Manual.

Applications and all related forms should be read very carefully, completed in their entirety, and printed or typed very clearly and legibly. Applicants’ photographs should be appropriate for an application of this kind, suitable for publication, and not selfies. Applications that are scanned and emailed should be as clear and legible as originals. The Committee considers these standards in evaluating applications, and applications not complying with these guidelines may not be considered.

Once the linked material has been downloaded and read, any questions regarding the program can be directed to the Network Secretary-Treasurer’s office at 334-279-7172 ext 2,