Ken Draughon

Ken Draughon

Ken Draughon


Ken Draughon has served as the Superintendent of the Alabama District Council of the Assemblies of God since May 1. 2009. There are over 350 churches and nearly 800 ministers that make up this Alabama AG family. Before assuming this office Ken served as the District Missions and Men’s Ministries Director for nine years. He came to the District Office after serving twenty-two years as pastor of the Saraland First Assembly of God.

Ken graduated from Central Bible College with a Bachelors of Art in Bible and from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with a Masters of Art in Biblical Studies. He has continued post-graduate studies.

He believes the Alabama District must navigate the following course over the next few years:

Our focus is three-fold. The epicenter of our activity as a district is to strengthen, develop, and empower leaders and churches in Alabama to carry out the Great Commission. Everything we do must come out of this core.

First, we must continue to create an environment to strengthen our leaders and churches through corporate prayer gatherings, fellowship gatherings, and relational clusters—ministers must be strengthened in spirit, emotions, and calling if they are to carry out the Great Commission. We will do leadership triage to help leaders and churches identify where the need is for addressing health and prescribing a course of action to becoming healthy and strengthened where needed. Second, we must continue to create an environment to develop our leaders and churches through leadership cohorts, Pastors' Exchange, Ministers' Institutes, School of Ministry, and other strategic opportunities to sharpen ministerial skills and offer tools for the ministry.

Third, we must continue to create an environment for empowerment for our leaders and churches through releasing them to fulfill the Great Commission. Our goal is to do this by empowering them to be 21st Century Pentecostal Leaders and Churches through strengthening, developing, and partnering with them to carry out their Kingdom calling. Realizing a mission is carried out with greater empowerment when it is a CO-mission, we will partner with and celebrate our leaders and churches in their calling.

We must focus on creating an environment where young leaders ("under 40's") connect with the present and future generations to empower them to be missional leaders.

We are striving to celebrate our Pentecostal history while embracing our Pentecostal future assimilating all ages, cultures, and regions of our district behind a corporate vision of "changing Alabama" for the kingdom of God.