Christian Education

Vint Norris

Vint Norris

Christian Education Director

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The Christian Education Department is really responsible for discipleship – helping people learn to follow Jesus – across all ages, from children to seniors. Because making dynamic disciples is the heart of this ministry, it is called Discipleship Ministries by our Fellowship’s national office. We facilitate this adventure of life-long discipleship through several ministries in particular: Christian Education, Small Groups, Children’s Ministries, Royal Rangers, Seniors, Singles, and a few others. In all of these ministries, we provide resources, training, support, networking, and mentoring opportunities for believers and leaders in local churches across Alabama.

Christian Education focuses on what some call Sunday School – the systematic instruction of all ages in the Faith. Small Groups resources the ministry of cell groups in their widely varied forms. Children’s Ministries facilitates children’s church, Kids Camps, Junior Bible Quiz, Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, and many other aspects of ministry to children. Royal Rangers is an international educational and discipling ministry for boys. Seniors Ministry and Singles Ministry each focus on spiritual growth, service, and fellowship opportunities for seniors and singles. Through these and other ministries, we’re actively looking for ways to help believers grow deep, life-giving relationships with the Living God.