Larry and Melinda Henderson

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Appointed General Missionary, Austria

May God bless each of you for your faithful support of Missions around the world.

Our family is currently in our 16th year in Missions. After serving for two terms in the Canary Islands, we were asked by the AGWM leadership to lead the ministry of VCC located in Vienna, Austria. After much prayer and sensing the leading of the Holy Spirit, we relocated to Vienna in December 2011.

Vienna Christian Center (VCC) is a powerful multi-cultural Ministry Center serving the international population in Vienna. We are overseeing and leading the vision of 9 weekly services, covering 25 languages with translaton. 

In additon we serve on the Europe Region Leadership Team and lead the Fellowship of International Churches in Europe: which is a network of 72 IC's spread across the region. 

Please connect with us on facebook and/or instagram. Also, will you take a look at our current projects and partner with us as TOGETHER we make a major spiritual impact in Austria.

These are incredible days to serve the Lord and we are so thankful that God allows us to be His Missionaries! Thank you for your partnership and support of Missions.

Together we are MORE!  


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