Austin and Tsehaynesh Henderson

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We are so honored and passionate about pursuing the call of God on our lives as missionaries!

To us there is no greater joy than to spread the life-changing gospel, share Jesus with a hurting and broken world, and love people from all nations!

We both felt a call from the Lord to become missionaries in our teenage years. We met in college (Southwestern Assemblies of God University) and quickly realized that the Lord put a passion in both of our hearts to pursue our calling as missionaries. We later graduated from SAGU, and got married in June 2017.

Just to introduce ourselves a little more:

My name is Tsehaynesh (Say-Hi-Nish). I grew up in a multicultural home. My father is from Ethiopia and my mother is from Mexico. I knew that God called me into full-time ministry at the age of 16 years old. Then, a few years later the Lord revealed to me that I was to do full-time ministry overseas as a missionary!

I'm Austin, and I'm originally from Alabama. I've had the priviledge of growing up as an MK (Missionary Kid) in the Canary Islands and in Austria. Since the age of 9 when we first moved overseas, I couldn't have imagined a better life. God called me to be a missioanry at the age of 14 at a youth camp. Finally I am able to fulfill that calling!

We just wanted to say THANK YOU! To whoever is reading this, thank you for your prayers and support of missionaries all around the world. Without people who pray, believe, and support missionaries, we could not do what we know the Lord is calling us to do. 

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