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Missionary Associate, Sensitive

After serving a total of 3 MAPS trips in two different countries I am honored to be able to serve on Sumatra, Indonesia with AGWM Missionaries Chris and Karrie Duncan as a missionary associate. Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world as well as the largest unreached island on earth. I am commited to bringing the good news about Jesus to the people of Indonesia, who so desperately need to hear it.

There are many ways that we are reaching the unreached on the island of Sumatra. One of the biggest platforms that we are currently building is the International Church in Medan that we planted in September 2014. Through the international church we are raising up workers and leaders and equipping them to preach the Gospel to their own people. On top of this we are...

-Hosting life groups in our homes
-Actively involved in campus ministry
-Building churches in surrounding villages
-Serving the local churches that exist.
-Reaching out to teens through a ministry called "IC Bold&Brave"
-Reaching out to villages through kids ministry
-Ready to help in relief efforts when natural disasters occur

More than anything we are building relationships with those we encounter on a daily basis. Many people, from very different religious backgrounds, are experiencing Jesus and giving their lives to Him as a result. It is an exciting time to be active and serving on the mission field in Indoensia.

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