April 12 – 14

About this Event

IMPACT - When Nazi Germans invaded Warsaw in 1939, Sendler, a 29-year-old Polish social worker, offered frightened Jews food and shelter. She even pretended to be a nurse to get inside the Warsaw Ghetto and, working with the underground organization Zegota, helped free an estimated 3,000 Jewish children. In 1943, she was arrested and tortured by the Nazis but refused to give up any information about the rescues. She impacted the lives of over 3,000 children. You can change the destiny of children and their parents intended to die for eternity.

IMPACT 2019 - Think of the possibilities of every Alabama AG church working together for a cause? That is what we are asking of every Pastor in Alabama. We are asking you to join in the effort called, IMPACT 2019. We are asking every church, to do the outreach of their choosing on the weekend of Palm Sunday, April 12-14, 2019. We want to see every community in Alabama impacted through a community outreach inviting people to your Palm Sunday and Easter celebration services. If we all do an outreach, it is possible to touch hundreds of thousands of people in one weekend and see thousands come to Christ in our Easter services in our churches all across Alabama. Our Alabama Evangelist are ready to serve all of our churches. Go to the District website, and click on the Ministries Tab and then click on the Evangelist tab. You’ll find sermon ideas, sermon videos, illustrations, outreach ideas and a list of Alabama Evangelist ready to assist you should you need them. If one woman could change the destiny of 3,000 children just imagine what can happen if we join together to reach every community in Alabama on the same weekend? Pastor let’s make history for our precious Lord as we work together to “gather the harvest” for this year’s Easter celebrations.

Will You Join Us? If we don’t try something, we’ll get nothing. Please begin to pray for your outreach strategy. Then, with God’s help begin to build your team, gather the resources and volunteers and then go out to your community and offer the love of Jesus through whatever outreach you would choose. It could be a children’s event at an apartment complex or busy grocery store parking lot with games, petting zoos and inflatables with many free prizes. You may choose a door to door effort to hang invitations on each door in the community, a business outreach to all of the businesses in your community to offer a simple gift of candy to say thank you for what they offer to your community. You may want to do a bottle water distribution at busy intersections, a visit to missing absentees in your church, or a music ministry outreach to elders in nursing homes. Pastor, if we try nothing, we get nothing. I am asking you to pray, prepare, promote and then perform an outreach of your choosing on the weekend of Palm Sunday April 12-14, 2019. Let us believe that we can connect together and change the world our people live in. One of faith, hope and love. We hope to hear great news from every section in Alabama about Impact 2019. We will share a site reach results and we’ll celebrate at District Council. Join me in believing that many people will be born again with resurrection life this Easter. Will you help us IMPACT Alabama with IMPACT 2019?

Let’s Change The World!

Ken Draughon