Alabama BGMC Day

March 3

About this Event

We are asking all churches to participate in raising funds for our missionaries. The sky is the limit as to what your children can do; yard sales, car washes, a-thons, cake auctions, church offering, challenge another church and compete with who can raise the most. Encourage your kids to be creative and let’s knock it out of the park for BGMC. We encourage all churches to participate in this great fundraising event for BGMC. The following are some additional ideas you can implement or choose one of your own:

  • Golf Tournament
  • Bass Tournament
  • $31 in 31 Days Challenge – Ask your kids to earn $1 per day for 31 days
  • $100 Challenge – Ask your kids and leaders to give $100 to BGMC in 2-3 months
  • NGS – Neighborhood Garage Sales – Your children can ask their neighbors for items to put in a garage sale with all the money going to missions. This idea works amazing!!!
  • Cookie Dough – Give all the children a role of cookie dough. Have them cut the roll in 7 large pieces and make 7 monster cookies. Sell the cookies for $2 each. Return the money to the church, pay for the cookie dough you bought, and the rest goes to BGMC.
  • BGMC Bucket – Ask business owners in your church if they will put out a BGMC bucket in their place of business and ask people to donate.